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Hidden In Plain Sight

24 Jan 2020

Like most people, I can appreciate the beauty in a wide sweeping landscape vista or coastal sunset scene.

However; there are other types of scenes - perhaps considered less conventional, or present at differing scales to the everyday norm - where beauty can also be found; and in most cases, they tend to be hidden in plain sight and all around us.

One of the benefits of photography, is that it requires that you observe the world around you more closely - to look for repeating patterns, symmetries, leading lines, and contrast in light, colour and structure.

A few examples of everyday beauty sometimes overlooked, could include the shape of shadows created on an unusual ceiling, inverted reflections in a local canal, and repeating patterns and textures in a cobbled street.

Notwithstanding the health benefits of getting out, and seeing more of the world around you; photography has allowed me to slow down, to broaden my horizons and take a different perspective - to question the standard definition of beauty.

For these reasons, I would wholeheartedly recommend photography to anyone considering taking it up, or looking to spend more time doing it.